Monday, March 30, 2009

Something Fun To Do In Your Hometown....

Check out this little game you can play to win a free poster from the folks who produced The Cake Eaters.
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Cake Eaters On DVD

Don't forget- The Cake Eaters went on sale yesterday!
You can order straight from the website and get a free poster,
or order from Amazon any time. It is also currently at tons of retailers including Wallmart.
The film is also finally on Netflix to rent- feel free to rate it while you are there.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little Pumpkin

There is a little bit of sibling rivalry going on here at Vinyl Foote. Jayce's film The Cake Eaters is out this weekend, yes, we all know... and Roger Ebert even gave it 3 STARS! And today, The New York Times, The NY Post and Daily News all gave it 3 STARS! I like to think of it as 12 Stars all together...

***EDIT- Jayce just informed me that The Times doesn't do stars...that I'm "seein' stars" So it's more like 9 Stars instead of 12...

But in all the hub-bub, I nearly forgot that Little Pumpkin is all alone in Austin today!... Here is the interview that reminded me. Enjoy! And don't forget to head to the theater tonight to see The Cake Eaters on the big screen. Jayce Bartok and Mary Stuart Masterson will be doing Q and A's around NY.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Press for The Cake Eaters

A few articles have surfaced from The Cake Eaters' press day yesterday.
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There is a great interview with Kristen Stewart which Entertainment Tonight's Insider put out. After some Twilight updates, Mary Stuart Masterson joins her to discuss the script and Friedreich's Ataxia. For those of you who haven't seen the film, Friedreich's Ataxia is the disease Kristen's character, Georgia suffers from.

There is also an adorable interview with Kristen Stewart and Aaron Stanford here. also has some clips in their coverage of the film.

And lastly (for now anyway) is an exciting announcement in Indiewire about The 7th Floor and 57th and Irving coming together to form 757 Releasing in order to distribute The Cake Eaters theatrically.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Cake Eaters - New Cities Added and Updated Dates

Here is a little update with a couple additional cities...
More to come!
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American Cinematheque at The Egyptian – Hollywood, CA (3/11 – Sneak Preview)
Cinema Village – New York, NY (3/13-19)
Cobble Hill Cinema – Brooklyn, NY (3/13-19)
Laemmle Sunset 5 – West Hollywood, CA (3/13-19)
Laemmle Playhouse 7 – Pasadena, CA (3/13-19)
Sundance Kabuki – San Francisco, CA (3/13-19)
Somerville Theater – Somerville, MA (3/13-19)
Facets Cinematheque – Chicago, IL (3/13-19)
Santa Fe Film Center – Santa Fe, NM (3/13-19)
Harkins Valley Art – Tempe, AZ (3/13-19)
Jacob Burns Film Center – Westchester, NY (3/16– Subject to Change)
Avon Theater – Stamford, CT (3/19)
Community Theater – Catskill, NY (3/20-26)
Upstate Films – Rhinebeck, NY (3/24 – Subject to Change)
Hollywood Theater – Portland, OR (3/27-4/2)
Grand Illusion – Seattle, WA (3/27-4/2)
Tivoli Cinema – Kansas City, MO (3/27-4/2)
Walton Theater – Walton, NY (March – TBD)
Cinema Paradiso – Fort Lauderdale, FL (4/3-9 – Subject to Change)
Alamo Draft House Cinema – San Antonio, TX (4/3 – Subject to Change)
Old Mill Playhouse at The Villages – Ocala, FL (Starting 4/3 – Subject to Change)
The Orpheum – Wichita, KS (4/9)
Community Theater Foundation – Fairfield, CT (4/10-16 – Subject to Change)
The Linda (WAMC’s Performing Arts Studio) – Albany, NY (April – TBD)
The Roxy – Philadelphia, PA (April – TBD)
Huntington Cinema Arts – Huntington, NY (April – TBD)
Chicago Filmmakers Society – Chicago, IL (5/1)
Republic Theater – Indianapolis, IN (5/15-21– Subject to Change)

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Cake Eaters Site finally up...
Check it out