Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Little Something About Aletered By Elvis

Altered By Elvis played in New Zealand last night- it plays quite often in Australia, New Zealand and England- curse you, United States networks! This is an article that I found accompanying it's broadcast. Our interview is toward the bottom...
Don't forget to watch for Altered By Elvis on itunes this summer!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


This website, Massify, is having a contest to pitch to Killer Films. Jayce had written Buttons a while ago when I applied to the AFI Director's Workshop for Women. I was a finalist, but didn't make it- boo, but Jayce always thought Buttons would make a great short. When Massify came up for this promotion, Jayce pitched it. If you have a second, you can check it out and rate iton the Massify site. We put the pitch video below as well, but activity on the video below is not related to the pitch since it's hosted at youtube. There are a ton of rival filmmakers rating it a 1 on Massify, so Jayce is a little discouraged, but I think we can take 'em on....:)