Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Red River Winter

Many of you who attended our amazing staged reading of Red River last summer starring the wonderful Michael Easton, Norman Reedus, Miriam Shore, Joelle Carter, E.J. Carroll, and Lynn Cohen may be wondering what is going on with the movie?!  Well...aside from explaining how film financing has been crushed in the recent downturn, I will tell you that we have been spending the last year trying to attach a major movie star to help us raise our budget.  I don't want to name drop so I will just say we spent a good chunk of last year chasing:  Bethan Chalk, Gosh Wucas, and Matrick Jilson.  'nuff said....
So here we are in the fall of 2010, winter approaching fast, with some potentially exciting news.  We have gotten the interest of an amazing actor and are trying to get this project to the next step.  I know you all are wondering..."who????" But I can't tell you.  Hopefully, all will be revealed soon.  We have been working on the script, ideas for the look of the film, and scouting snowy locals, and we hope to be shooting the film this winter.  I can't exactly remember when I started the script - maybe summer 2007 - so we are officially in year 3 of this crazy journey.  Hang on, we will get there.

From our offices in Brooklyn NY.